Why purchase our signs

When you purchase a Magic Slider Sign we keep you inforMED during the whole process.

1. We receive the artwork from the customer.

2. We then advise you whether we can use solid outdoor vinyl colours (which is recommended) or if we require a digital print of all or parts of the logo/business name.

3. The logo/business name artwork is then enhanced through our software to fit on the top part of the sign.

4. The artwork is then sent to you with our suggestions. You can make any changes. At the end of the day it is your sign and we will design it to your satisfaction.

5. The final artwork is then sent for your approval.

6. Once the sign is completed we send you a photo of the sign with the base and wheels attached.

7. The sign is then packed ready for freight pick up.

Important features for a roadside sign.

Sign Design

Australian Made for Australian Conditions

All Steel Welded Construction

We do not make fibreglass signs due to the fact they can yellow and crack over time.

If the sign falls over, punched or hit. This can cause a crack or hole. It can also be due vandalism.

Sign Height for a Roadside sign

The height of the sign is very important, this is where passing traffic sees your advertising. It is false economy to have a low sign. Our research has shown that the most important part of a roadside sign is the height, not the length of a sign. The Magic Slider Sign is over 1800mm high x 1800mm wide with stand attached so that traffic notice the sign from a distance and have read the sign before passing. It is pointless having a low sign at 1400mm high that is only noticed when traffic is passing the sign. They have no time to read the sign. You will lose business from passing traffic.

Wheels for the Sign

We do not use the small thin wheelie bin wheels, they are too narrow and small for outdoor roadside signs. The larger and wider the wheels, the easier it will be to roll out the sign on a daily basis. It also adds extra stability to the sign in windy conditions. The total weight of a sign and stand is approximately 50kg, The wheels we use are rated 120 kg.

Magic Slider Sign has white colour bond steel face.

This is long lasting finish and also can be used for magnetic signage for extra adverting ideas.

Sign Wheel Design

The wheels are welded to the stand for strength, not a bolted on to the frame which can come loose. We do not use cotter pins to hold the wheels on. All of these cause wheels to loosen and wobble and harder to move the sign.

We use lock nuts onto a solid axle to prevent wheels from loosening.

Sign Base - Extra Width

The Magic Slider Sign has the extra width of the wheel and stand base,
The width is 1450mm, this gives the sign extra stability and strength, also helps in windy conditions. The signs have welded axles for the wheels, not just a bolt through the steel and screwed together. The signs have extra thick steel in the stand and wheel base. This is where the sign is most likely bend if your sign falls over.

The Magic Slider Sign all steel construction has been designed and weighted to make it easy to roll out on a daily basis.