Lettering Kit Features

Lettering Kit

388 letters, including numbers and symbols.


217mm high to fit 220mm channel of outdoors/indoor signs. We can do all sizes please contact us for details

Pre spaced:

Auto kerning means letters and words look better, are easier to read and stand out! e.g the finished width of the letter “E” different to the finished width of the letter “W“ Easier to read and stand out


Designed for outdoor conditions Each letter is waterproof including direct sunlight.


Each letter is 'vertically grained' for stronger fit and longer lasting use. Designed for full outdoor use in the sun and water.


Black and Red are the most popular colours We can do all colours. Should you require different colours please contact us for details.

The box of letters has loads of popular and common used large font sign letters used on double sided directory or advertising signs. Each slip along the rail and are auto spaced. Each sign letter is pre set to give you the best advertising

Included are a combination of alphabet letters and special symbols and characters. The material is extra strong 3mm fluted board with UV protection. It includes extra width trimming allowance for easy maintenance.

The letters are used mainly for a slide letter sign system on outdoor signs with wheels. These signs are used for sporting events, sales, business owners, road and street advertising signs, school notice boards, church signs and lots more variable message signs.